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Wth y'all doing? 6 years ago
I wanna know why y'all arguing in the comment section on a porn site. Especially the racist white guys commenting on another man's dick (cause that shit is gay). its not like anything any of us say here will be taking seriously. So just sit tf back and watch some good ol porn.
Gale 7 years ago
That's my fantasy, having 11 inches of thick black cock deep in my pussy.
question 7 years ago
How do racists end up on an interracial porn to begin with? Like wouldn't you not click on it if you were racist? That's real
Jessica 7 years ago
I need a huge cock like this, I don't get any satisfaction from my boyfriend's 5 inch wiener.
wtf 6 years ago
how can ppl be racist on a porn site lol humanity
lol 6 years ago
I just came for the racist white boys. You never let me down thank you lmaof.
Pimp 6 years ago
She will never be the same
farida 5 years ago
woullah i like this big dick !
Bloke 6 years ago
Why do all the racists on here not know how to spell, fucking idiots
Jake Fart 6 years ago
LOVE seeing a nerdy white girl getting educated. She learned a lot about life on this day...